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The U.S.D.M.A. is The United States Domestic Manufacturing Association, an association of manufacturing professionals:  (factory owners, middle management professionals, engineers, IT professionals, production workers, etc.) and interested others who care about maintaining the domestic manufacturing sector in the United States.

Domestic manufacturing matters in the United States because is it helps us preserve our technological leadership, our military might, provides good paying jobs and careers, and for allows us to maintain a diverse and strong economy.

Some small economies (like vacation island nations) may be able to maintain themselves with purely service work, but with 310 Million+ people, the U.S. isn’t one of them.

The Domestic Manufacturing Institute is the research arm of the USDMA and gathers important economic, jobs, trade, technology information.

The U.S. Domestic Manufacturing Association is supported by volunteer efforts and small contributions from individuals.

Visit our website at www.usdma.org

USDMA / ManufacturingMatters.us

“Strengthening America, Inventing the Future”

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